The Ajyal Movement

The Arab society in Israel has long been suffering from social and economic marginalization, discrimination and systemic neglect. This bleak situation has led throughout the years to indifference and disengagement among Palestinian citizens of Israel towards its social and political systems, and in many cases towards the public sphere altogether. But this rejection hasn’t benefited the Arab society of Israel, that deals with ever-growing poverty, gun violence, racism, unemployment and under-education, which are only some of the burning issues pressing our lives. Today, the voice of a new generation of involved Arab youth is being heard, calling for real change, demanding that the state be equally responsible for our society in every possible sense.

Ajyal is an Arab movement established in 2006, as a growing new young leadership in the Arab society of Israel, that calls for equality, solidarity and peace. An educational movement at its core, Ajyal today is a unique movement in its various ways to organize the community; maximize participation in the public sphere; and promote occupational and educational equality for young Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The Ajyal youth movement has over 35 branches, home to thousands of participants, in various Arab cities and villages, such as Haifa, Lod, Sakhnin, Ramla, Rahat, Tamra, and many more. Over 400 graduates of Ajyal leadership programs take significant roles in their community, tying their personal paths with the common good of their society.

What we do

The Ajyal movement leads different projects for youth and young adults, and for the wider community, reaching across barriers of gender, class, and ethno-cultural differences within the Arab society of Israel.

What’s next?

After its initial leap to widen its work from children and youth to general social activity, the Ajyal movement is setting not only to expand its current work — from 30 to 60 youth branches, from 3 to 10 leadership programs — but also to open new innovative projects creating a stronger Palestinian community in Israel and a broader shared society.

Join us in building new leadership and creating a shared and equal society in Israel

For any further information, please contact us

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